Makeup Masterclasses

My greatest joy and passion as a makeup artist is teaching others how to achieve professional looking makeup themselves and seeing the confidence and skills it gives them!

I offer a range of personalised Makeup Masterclasses to suit everyone:

  • Teen/New to Makeup
  • Colour Craze
  • Contour Me
  • DramatEYES
  • Swish in a Swift
  • Makeup for Mature Skin
  • Glamour Secrets
  • Or design your own lesson!

See below for more detail on each lesson…

“The best makeup looks great, but doesn’t allude to how it was achieved.” 

Alissa Maree

That’s why I called my business Creative Illusions Make-up Design. Skilfully applied makeup is all about creating illusions, and that’s what I’ll teach you to do, customised for your specific features and colourings.

My aim for you with makeup is to…

…”Have fun, look great and feel confident!”

All lessons are taught in my beautiful and serene, Art Nouveau inspired makeup studio. Come and relax in my luxuriously comfy leather stools, while you learn in peace and sip a cup of tea! The studio is complete with professional Viva-Lite® full spectrum daylight lighting to make colour analysis and makeup application easy and accurate. Lessons can be taught individually or in groups of 2 (subject to lesson type).

What sets my makeup lessons apart from others is what you get to take home!! Depending on the lesson you choose, you go home with various face shape, eye shape, eye design and colour charts, PLUS the Creative Illusions Makeup Masterclass e-Book, ensuring that you can re-create your new look at home! The take-home manual is filled with an abundance of professional tips and it eases the burden of trying to remember everything on the day.

My lessons are hands on and are completely tailored to what YOU want to learn! All makeup is supplied. The best products from various brands are used.

Why choose a personal lesson over learning from magazines or the internet? Because they do not analyse your skin, eye and hair colouring and do not examine your face shape and eye shape or how they work together! I can teach you eye makeup not just for your eye shape, but for how your eyes are set (e.g. close set, deep set) and how that relates to your individual face shape. I can teach you which colours suit you best and other handy tips like which colours make you look younger and which colours make your eyes ‘pop’.

Before You Come

I will contact you so I can gain some basic information about you and ask for some images to be emailed to me. This will help me tailor the lesson to your exact needs, features and colourings.

Choose Your Lesson or Customise Your Own!

I have created a range of lessons covering the most popular topics clients desire to learn. Choose what lesson interests you most or choose multiple topics and receive BIG discounts! Please see below for lesson choices.

After the Lesson

My service to you does not stop on completion of the lesson! About 2 weeks later, I will contact you so you can ask me any more questions you may have.  Often questions may arise once you have had a chance to practice your new skills or use new products. I am available and most happy to answer any of your questions any time! You are most welcome to email or phone me, or even book a FREE 30min follow up consultation.

Masterclass Choices

Teen/New to Makeup

This is the perfect lesson for early teens, those who have never worn much makeup or those who want a simple polished look!

I will teach you how to look beautiful – simply! This lesson will show you how to delicately enhance your natural beauty and how to avoid the ‘plastered’ look. You will learn age appropriate makeup that glows with health. This is an informative lesson where I cover basic skin care and take you slowly (because it’s probably all new to you) step-by-step through every product applied while teaching correct application techniques. I will teach you makeup customised for your face and eye shape. Includes basic colour analysis. You’ll want to show off your new skills after this lesson!

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Price: $150pp

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Colour Craze

Trying to choose the right colour makeup can drive most women crazy! I will examine your skin, eye and hair colouring to determine your colour season and the colours that suit you best.

You will learn to tell the difference between warm and cool makeup shades so you know what not to choose as well. I will teach you how to beat artificial shop lighting and be confident to choose the colours you need. You will learn how your current lighting at home may be affecting the final look of your makeup. I will teach you makeup customised for your face and eye shape. This is the perfect lesson for woman wanting to learn an ‘every day’ makeup that’ll make you glow.  This is a fun, hands-on lesson, as I take you step by step through every product applied, teaching correct application, to achieve a perfectly matched, complete look.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours.

Price:$150pp (taught as an individual lesson only)

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Contour Me

In this Lesson I will analyse how your eyes are set, your face, eye, nose and lip shape, and how they all work together. You will learn how to highlight your favourite features and minimise your not so favourite ones.

You will gain an understanding of how light and shadow effects the features of your face and how to use this to your advantage. I will teach you specific eye designs for your eye shape and set, so you will go home confident that you can look your best when you need to! Includes basic colour analysis. Learn professional tips such as how to make your lips look fuller or alter the shape of your nose. This is an enlightening, hands-on lesson where you will learn the tricks of the trade and leave with a perfectly sculpted face and completely customised makeup.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours


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This is for the woman or late teen who desires to have beautifully dramatic eyes.

You will learn a dramatic evening eye makeup look. This all encompassing eye lesson will teach you everything from brow shaping, how and where to use concealer, to the products and tools you need to create perfectly blended eye shadow and how to apply natural looking false lashes.  I’ll share my secret to curled lashes that last 12 hours and tips so you never have clumpy lashes again! I’ll also teach you how to create endless shades of eyeliner without spending a cent! You will learn makeup customised for your very own eye shape so you can bring out their natural beauty – and dramatise it!. This is an exciting hands-on lesson where will leave confident that you can apply the perfect eye line and will be able to create an amazing, detailed eye design at home.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Price: $100pp

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Swish in a Swift

This lesson is for the time deprived, the busy mum and lovers of the snooze button! Learn how to look gorgeous and awake in minutes with my handy tips. 

Gain an understanding of a 3, 6 and 8 minute makeup and how to organise your makeup area for optimal time effective use. Learn which colours ‘wake up’ the face. You will also learn tips and products to combat the physical effects that sleep deprivation can have on your face. Learn how simple products have a multipurpose. This is a fast paced, hands-on lesson where you will learn some fast paced techniques for a simple ‘every day’ look.

Duration: Approximately 1 1/2 hours

Price: $90pp

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Makeup for Mature Skin

This lesson is for ladies who are aware that their skin is changing (approximately anyone from 50 up). I’ll teach you which textures and finishes allude to a younger you.

 You will learn which colours make you look older and which colours make you look younger.  I will teach you makeup customised for your face and eye shape. Includes basic colour analysis. This is a hands-on lesson and you will walk out with a dewy more youthful skin tone and a complete make-up that perfectly compliments your age and skin.

Duration: Approximately 2 1/2 hours (taught as an individual lesson only)

Price: $125pp

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Glamour Secrets

This is for the ladies who want to stop traffic! I’ll teach you the secrets to achieving a modern glamorous look without looking over done.

I will teach you makeup customised for your face, eye and nose shape. Includes basic colour analysis. You will learn how to create luscious sexy lips, gorgeous alluring eyes and how to define and enhance  your bone structure. I’ll show you some tips to make your makeup last all day and night! Plus master false eyelashes that don’t look fake and I’ll demystify the ‘red lip’. This is a detailed hands-on experience that includes everything taught in the ’Contour Me’ lesson. You will want to hit the town after this session!

You will ‘know it all’ after this masterclass. So when you don’t need to look glamorous, you will still have and incredible amount of knowledge and skills that you can use to create a beautiful ’every day’ look easily!

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Price: $200pp (taught as an individual lesson only)

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Follow-up Consultation

This is where you take control and ask me anything you need to regarding what you learnt at your previous lesson. I’ll assess your makeup application and offer any needed advice and tips to refine your skills even further.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: FREE

If you feel you would like to learn topics covered in more than one lesson or what you would like to learn is not listed above, I can customise and tailor make a lesson just for you! Call or email me from the ‘Contact’ page for a quote.

* Please note that all take-home material will be e-mailed to you on completion of your lesson.

Laminated print-outs of charts are available upon request for a small additional fee.

Please note prices may change without notice.